VI - 16.15 - Policy for Mailroom Operations

I. Policies

A. Personal mail is never to be charged to Bowie State University.

B. Any person using the Bowie State University Mailroom must adhere to all Federal laws and regulations governing domestic and international mail.

C. It is the mailer's responsibility to prepare and seal all mail according to the procedures outlined in this policy.

D. Departments requesting the services of mail houses must coordinate with the Postal Supervisor a minimum of 30 days in advance to allow sufficient funding of the bulk mail account.

II. Procedures

Mailroom Staff provides pickup and delivery services to the campus at least once each day. They also maintain counter service during posted hours. Mailroom counter hours may be changed during the summer and in emergencies. The following services are available from the Mailroom: purchasing stamps, weighing packages, express mail services.

The following procedures will facilitate mail handling.

A. Definitions:

1. Internal mail is mail that is sent between offices on campus and does not require postage.

2. U.S. mail is domestic mail that is metered, posted through mailing houses or handled through the University's bulk mailing account.

3. International mail is mail that is metered, requires special postage, and is sent outside the continental United States.

B. Each department must designate a location and basket for incoming and outgoing mail.

1. Baskets must be visible and clearly marked. Mail will not be left on a desk.

2. Mail that is not in a basket, ready for pickup, will be picked up on the next mail run, or you may deliver the mail to the Mailroom.

C. Mailroom staff will not make special pickups. Off schedule requirements for mail service must be transacted at the Mailroom.

D. It is the responsibility of the mailer to prepare all mail for posting. The Mailroom does not provide sorting, bundling, or other labor intensive processing of mail.

1. Place letters in appropriate size envelopes and wrap all packages securely.

2. Make sure the address is legible and the sending department name appears on the envelope or package.

3. Sort all bulk mailings by zip code and prepare all mailing labels.

4. Bundle mail according to type and class, i.e., internal, domestic, or international mail and 1st, 2nd, 3rd class or bulk rate.

5. Place outgoing mail in the outgoing mail basket.

6. If mail is to be posted any class other than 1st, you must indicate this on the bundle.

7. Fill in all boxes on the internal mail envelopes and do not skip lines.

8. The current date must be on all internal mail envelopes.


Revision Date:  04/11/1994