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Accomplishments and Initiatives

  • BSU Cycling Cub started by former Green Ambassador is the first organization to adopt a portion of the trail at Horsepen Park under the MNCPPC Maryland- National Capital Park and Planning Commission  
  • Projected LEED Gold Certification for Center for Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Nursing building completed in April 2017. Read more about the sustainable features in the CNSMN. Read more about the sustainable features in the CNSMN.
  • The University has installed a large-scale solar panel system to generate 2 million kWh of electricity per year, or roughly 10% of the campus needs
  • A green plaza referred to as the Student Center Quad was developed in place of the old Crawford Science Building.
  • HBCU Green Report 2014 listing BSU
  • AASHE Member Spotlight: 1/2015 and 1/2016
  • Completed a Carbon Footprint Inventory of the campus to help BSU gauge the amount of carbon emission it produces and uses this yearly inventory to assist in alleviating carbon emissions throughout campus
  • Achieved LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Certification in Spring 2014 on its Student Union, the first campus building to receive such certification and the first Student Union with such certification among all HBCUs. 
  • The Student Center features: a green roof and water gardens, a trayless cafeteria, and other energy saving measures. Read more about sustainable features in the Student Center.
  • Undergraduate students elected to implement a yearly sustainability fee in 2012. Learn More about the Green Fund.
  • Graduate students agreed to add a yearly sustainability fee in 2013.
  • BSU established an Earth Week Program with various green & sustainable events throughout the Earth Day week.
  • Students participated in a renovated greenhouse project and in the process separated and repotted perennial plants for campus beautification.
  • In 2012, the University recycled 35,000 pounds of shredded material, the highest amount of any HBCU on the TGI tour.
  • Implemented an university wide ink cartridge/toner recycle program.
  • Annual Shred Day events to securely destroy paper documents and the paper is recycled.  Learn more here. 
  • A solar heating system was installed in the school’s swimming pool.
  • The BSU football field was upgraded from natural grass to artificial turf, thereby saving in the cost of constant watering.
  • Two deteriorated skylights were replaced in the maintenance building warehouse with solar tracking skylights that move continuously to follow the sun.
  • Recycle bins were added to lobbies of all academic buildings
  • Students participate in yearly Recyclemania national college competition.
  • University purchased Solar energy Smart Tables in various locations across campus for charging electronic devices using 100% solar energy.
  • Student Green Ambassador group was created to work with C4 in its efforts.
  • Multi-recyclers were placed in each on campus residence hall rooms allowing students to gather recyclables from their rooms and deposit them in the campus recycle containers.
  • Energy dashboards installed in Student Center and CNMSMN.  See real time data here