Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Alaya Butler

The Butterfly District - Boho Chic

Thesis Statement

The theme for my summer collection is Boho Chic fashion. The term “boho” is short for Bohemian which is native to the people of Bohemia located in central Europe. In fashion, boho refers to a free spirit individual who does not adjust to society's social norms, and takes pride in one's  individuality. Boho Chic is a style of fashion influenced by Bohemian culture and the hippies movement of the 70’s. When viewing this collection,  you see bold colors, a variety of silhouettes, organic flowing garments, and a mixture of materials/fabric. I combined the skills of apparel design and construction in order to create my first collection with the hopes of inspiring women to free themselves and allow their clothes to do the talking!

  • As a fashion designer, it is my goal to inspire others to express themselves proudly. Without limiting myself to apparel,  I take pride in tailoring designs that will help build confidence for the wearer. At a young age, I always had a passion for expressing myself and fashion was my outlet. I enjoyed the feeling of getting dressed and realized my clothes carried immense power. I could be whoever I wanted. I studied the art of fashion and became well versed in other areas such as 3D design, fabrication, graphics, sewing, and more. I understand the needs of my clients and bring their vision to life with The Butterfly District. With my senior collection,  I was able to display my eye for color, attention to detail, and forecast trends. I will continue to use my skills to impact the world one design at a time.