Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Jessica Adams

Self Care Solace: A Self Care Journey

Thesis Statement

While creating Self Care Solace I was able to spend time with four amazing people, who showed me what self care meant to them. While working with each person I was shown countless ways that they all practice selfcare. It ranged from going to a dance class and trying something we had never done before all the way to taking someone to Ikea for the first time. My experience showed me that self care and self discovery isn’t a journey we have to take alone. It is something we can work through, and experience together. My hope is that Self Care Solace is that first step on this journey for all of you.

The senior thesis Self Care Solace was created to provide a stepping stone into your self-care journey.  The thesis comprises film photography and digital design. The cool tones and pastels found throughout the thesis and are used to bring peace to you the viewer, as you navigate your way through the website. The choice of film photography was made so that the true essence of the participants could be captured. It took away some of the feelings of self-doubt and forced everyone to live in and enjoy the moment. Self Care Solace includes beginners aids, self-affirmation to recite, and moving testimonies to show that you’re not in this alone. Self Care Solace is a journey that will continue to grow far beyond this thesis.

  • Growing up, I never really took to understanding my mental health, or connecting with myself. It wasn’t until recently when I was diagnosed with bipolar depression that I began taking my mental health and self care seriously. While growing up in the black community I never really felt like I had a safe place where I could talk about my mental health or learn how to properly take care of my mind, body, and soul. So that’s what I sought out to do with Self Care Solace.