Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Kelah Anderson

Experience Trinidad: Trilogy Magazine Series 

Thesis Statement

My senior exhibition, Experience Trinidad is a virtual tour of Trinidad from the perspective of a native Trinidadian.  I decided the best way to allow my readers to "Experience Trinidad" or any country rather, is to explore the land, meet the people, and enjoy the culture. I wanted to allow what Trinidad means to me to shine through my work, so for that reason, I have created a magazine trilogy, along with 3 posters that speak to each magazine topic. The magazine trilogy focuses on discussing Trinidad based on 3 categories: ISLAND, PEOPLE, and CULTURE to allow others to see the beauty of my home country and visit Trinidad.

  • The purpose of my project is to inform people of the beauty of my home country of Trinidad. I wanted to provide a digital tour of Trinidad and have the essence of the country speak for itself. The best way to understand a country and the premise of their identity is through the land, people, and culture. In order to accomplish my purpose, I created three magazines that would allow others to Experience Trinidad virtually.

    Each of the three magazines reflect a category, with loads of imagery and plenty of dialogue to understand what is happening in each moment. Each magazine's cover follows a similar design to tie each category together because collectively they represent Trinidad. The use of cool colors, funky typeface, and photo-focused layouts is intended to allude to the tropical warmth of the ISLAND, the jubilant spirit of the PEOPLE, and the larger than life CULTURE that makes Trinidad a country that must be experienced.