Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Jesus Estrada

There’s More to Peru Than Cuzco


Thesis Statement

My senior thesis exhibition is based on the theme of the hidden treasures of Peru. Peru is well known for its visitors for several attractions such as its historic landmarks and ancient ruins, as well as for the food, surfing and much more. However, one of the major attractions in Peru is a place located in the southern mountains of Peru and is known as Cuzco. The concept for my senior thesis is to show the entire world that there is so much more to Peru, and thus the reason for the name of my thesis There’s More to Peru Than Cuzco. I have developed an advertising campaign to focus on the unexplored places that are even bigger and older than Machu Picchu. In order to promote the pre-Inca areas of Markawamanchuco and Tucume, I have combined design, advertising, photography, motion graphics, typography with elements of sound, narration, and music. My goals are to promote these two hidden treasures as places to attract new tourists to the northern mountain areas and to show the entire world all of the other wonderful places that Peru has to offer and visit.

  • As an artist, I work hard to develop every single piece to be unique.  My work includes design, photography, video, production, motion graphics, and digital media.  I am inspired by nature and like to incorporate natural colors and lighting into my design to make each work unique. I see myself as not only a designer but also an artist who expresses his emotions and imagination through my work. My passion for my work comes through every single company I worked with.  I feel like I get better through each project and experience. I always believe in the philosophy that an idea does not make a designer, it is the designer who makes the idea become real.