Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Amber Melton


Treks and Threads

Thesis Statement

My collection was inspired by my own life adversities and the connective beauty of nature. There is strength in a lightning bolt. There is strength in rushing waters. My collection speaks that there is always a calm after the storm. We can always reconnect with the bright energy within ourselves. I will continue to inspire women to be strong and proud of themselves through the peaks and valleys. To wield determination and dedication in building physical and mental strength. To empower others to live a well-balanced lifestyle and a great sense of self-preservation. I will continue to emit my positive vision and dedication to changing the fitness and fashion industry, along with the world around it. 

  • Physical activity has always been an important aspect of my life, from dance recitals to track meets. When I came to college, I initially wanted to become a fashion designer, and that later shifted when I began training at the university gym. My passion for fitness and its many facets bloomed. Now being a certified trainer, I am able to combine my passion for fitness and love for fashion. My life experiences and passion to aid others in healing and renewal. My dedication, determination, and compassion are what drives my passions to fruition. I strive to inspire my community and other women to rise above adversities and be the predecessors of change and triumph for future entrepreneurs. Athletic wear companies tend to segment their target to socially acceptable sizes. Therefore, every gender, race, age, and body type should be seen as a valuable commodity. My purpose is to create and construct high-mobility pieces that see all body types, genders, and races as tenacious, spirited, and expeditious.