Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Didas Akognon

Speak Life

Thesis Statement

The theme and concept for this senior thesis and exhibition is to raise awareness about suicide and depression. Suicide and depression are two topics that have a major impact on our society and our world. I want to showcase this idea through a short feature film that will address these two topics from a familiar point of view.  

"Speak Life" is a drama/ suspense story based on the life of a female college student named Trinity Wade who struggles with self-identity and secrets from her past. She isolates herself from her family and friends who wonder if she will ever graduate.

  • As a Filmmaker, Director and Writer, It is my goal to paint a picture or vision of what reality looks like for mankind. This can be shown through their city, upbringing, background, sexual orientation and more. I want to achieve all this by being behind the lens and creating content that promotes change and purpose. At an early age, I knew that I would be in the entertainment industry, calling the shots, directing, and producing.