Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Sydnee Hunter

Above the Horizon

Thesis Statement

It is my belief that everything begins with a vision. From that vision, anything great can be created when you focus and set your perspective high, not allowing anything to interfere. Great things are created Above the Horizon (ATH). I created ATH with the belief that it all starts with a vision, more importantly, knowing where to project your vision to accomplish anything you set out to do.  It is a reminder to look higher than what is seen at eye level. I will also incorporate used garments to construct an even more fashionable garment, while being attentive to craftsmanship. This collection has plans to be fractionally sustainable and eco-friendly, one day accomplishing a completely sustainable, eco-friendly fashion brand.  ATH reminds people to really be resourceful and use what you have to create extraordinary things. Also, it encourages you to abandon what it means to conform to all others and be an illustration of what it means to be original and independent. Embracing a style that is not too easily defined, but is an anomaly. The style of ATH can be described as unisex, balancing both masculine and feminine qualities. It’s simple, yet intricate in detail.

  • Fashion helped me find a balance of who I am as an artist being able to express myself and share it with the world. The objective of my art is to create garments that shape a sense of individuality. I want the people in my clothes to feel as though they exude greatness with positive energy. I have always been said to have a distinct sense of style, but was uncertain how to start my journey in the field of fashion. When I took my first Introduction to Fashion class, my uncertainty turned into determination. I began studying designers, such as Virgil Abloh and Sheila Rashid, whom I became intrigued. Virgil, a global luxury streetwear designer with his own fashion house. I admire Ms. Rashid for her very intricate craftsmanship that displays haute couture qualities. I aspire to be on the skill and level of them both.