Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Devon Kendrick

Canna Rose Wellness 


Thesis Statement

My senior thesis began with an idea. In today’s society on a global scale, cannabis has had a bad stigma, but is becoming more relevant in society.  Some people don’t have access or the knowledge of what cannabis is, its benefits to an individual, and the community. Many people across the globe suffer from an array of illnesses, such as mental health illnesses and other genetic dispositions. Some of these individuals include children that have chronic seizures, women that experience abdominal pain during monthly cycles, pregnancy, and postpartum depression, and individuals (veterans) with PTSD and anxiety. My goal is to spread awareness, educate and to also empower individuals with knowledge to help them understand what cannabis is and how it can be used for them and their loved ones.

  • As an artist it was always a goal to express myself through means of creativity. I am an Advertisement Design major at Bowie State University in Visual Communication & Digital Media Arts (VCDMA). At a young age I knew I would be creative. I was always fascinated with drawing characters from my favorite cartoons. I knew I always wanted to create something that would give people inspiration and a nostalgic feeling. My first interaction with art came from finding my father's folder with his drawings from when he was in high school and college career in the 90s which featured characters such as The Transformers and made-up characters. From there I found my niche in graphic design during the Myspace era making web layouts and editing photos in creative ways.