Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Antonio Garcia

Sabria Larae Music Digital Press Kit 

Thesis Statement

My senior thesis exhibition aims to express Sabria Larae’s brand and purpose as an R&B artist. Sabria's music centers around the theme of promoting mental wellness by addressing common mental health issues, like depression and anxiety. She accomplishes this through her soulful melodies and uplifting lyrics. In this project, I have created a series of posters, magazines, and promotional art designs to visually communicate Sabria Larae's brand and purpose in relation to mental health challenges. I decided to create a space that will hopefully engage the viewer and allow them to experience the artist Sabria and her healing intentions. 

  • I am Antonio Garcia, a graduating senior with a B.S. in Visual Communication & Digital Media Arts with a concentration in advertising design. I was assigned to apply my unique style into my senior thesis. The interesting thing is that I didn't know I wanted to pursue graphic design at a young age.  I stumbled upon my new passion while in college. However, I’ve always enjoyed creating things and being creative just through other means.

    My senior thesis project aims to exemplify the purpose and concept of R&B artist Sabria Larae. Sabria Larae is a contemporary soul and R&B artist that aims to create therapeutic music through her lyrics and beats. As a musical artist, she values the mental wellness of her listeners.  My role, as the graphic designer, is to ultimately communicate her purpose through commercial uses of art that market Sabria Larae, but also creates and maintains a notable brand for her.